The Toddler Room is a classroom for children ranging in age from 20 to 36 months. Toddlers are increasingly independent, they want to do everything themselves. Our classroom is set up to support their independence. These children will spend most of their time moving freely throughout the classroom, exploring their environment and discovering classroom centers and choosing what activity they want to play with. Children start to gain a better understanding of group play through circle time and group activities. The most important goals we have for these children are to develop their receptive and expressive language skills, fine and gross motor skills, social/emotional skills and sensory skills. Children will learn how to play together in a socially appropriate way, practice impulse control, and use self-help skills such as washing hands, changing their clothes and using the bathroom. Toilet training is paced according to the individual child, but generally begins around two years old. Parents and teachers will work together on compatible, consistent routines that will lead to success for the child.