Our school community includes children from all faiths and all socioeconomic backgrounds. At The Learning Center, we embrace the idea of a multicultural and diverse student population. Our families are not only from St. John’s congregation, but also from the greater community and our partner schools – Tampa Bay Elementary and St. Joseph Catholic School. Our goal is to create a school community of children, families and teachers who collaborate together harmoniously and who reflect the diversity of our larger metropolitan community.



We recognize and celebrate parents as the child’s primary teacher and consider the family an integral part of a successful early education program. We want each child and their family to feel safe, valued and included by offering a family-centered program that acknowledges each family’s needs and concerns while incorporating their cultural values and beliefs into our program. A parent or caregiver's involvement in our program promotes a cooperative partnership resulting in a positive impact on the development of your child.


The Learning Center understands the importance of establishing strong connections between school, family and community. Our program promotes and encourages family participation, education and advocacy through our Parent Club which is based on Seven Guiding Principles of Family Support:
  • Family Strengths
  • Cultural Competence
  • Partnership
  • Shared Power
  • Family Driven
  • Social Support
  • Hope and Joy


The Learning Center Parent Newsletter: FALL 2020   Fall-Newsletter-2020.pdf
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